Shifting focus from #socialentrepreneurs to those impacted by #socent – Tweet from: @changemakers

YES, this is so crucial & should be the key strategy of anyone interested in creating services for the homeless as we are doing here in Savannah.

So, listen to Charles when he speaks!

And stay tuned to our blogs & social media channels.

We have already written a few pieces you should check out!

From: @changemakers
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RT @echoinggreen: Head of @SchwabFound – let’s shift focus from #socialentrepreneurs to the people #socent impacts:

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Future of #socent – Tweet from: @davos

We all know Davos right?

Well this interview, done thru their sponsorship, showed up on Twitter this morning. So in my usual “get it to you now!” approach, here it is!! Twitter ROCKS! That’s a story for another day (What it’s meant to this Advocacy & my personal walk).

If you’ve wondered what it is, where it’s going & why the time is right for it now read on.

We are fully committed to taking what little (we are also a first time entrepreneur with a little failure under our belt) entrepreneurial experience we have & putting it into this thing called #socent.

We have written a few pieces recently on some ideas we have that will hopefully be birthed as a L3C some day. That is unless some other non-profit figures out how to leverage these models with us! (An invitation for collaborative entrepreneurial efforts)

Enjoy, learn & change your minds about social investing, especially in Savannah with the goal of ending homelessness!

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Reading: @MirjamSchoening interview about the Future of Social Enterprise in @HuffingtonPost ^ml

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Progress, change & changing minds – Tweet from: @doingithomeless

You should get to know one of my LA buddies!

Check out his blog & his #moochology series. For a young “whipper snapper” (Southern term) he comes up with some good ones!

Thanks Mr. Mooch as we call him…

I like this one in particular because I just realized I’ve been writing about change when I’ve written or shared my last few posts on the blog, facebook comments & even just tonight my comments on various news outlets.

It’s time to call a spade a spade.

We will never accomplish any of the progress I’ve been calling for without profound change. To reach the people who need to change their minds we have to be ever vigilant.

But staying in the mission of this advocacy we have to first get these people’s hearts & minds by showing & living the basic tenant of our tag line if that’s what you want to call it:

“Love Thy Neighbor, Love the Homeless”

Ponder Mr. Mooch’s tweet & find it in your heart to change your minds after you consider the realities of the outcomes possible when progress occurs because we can change our minds.

This comes, BTW, because a homeless man has raised his “Vox Patria”!

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Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. #Moochology.

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Pete’s Pen via LoriTruth

A MUST read for anybody anticipating or wanting to be a volunteer serving the homeless – maybe if you never even thought about it this post will make you want to see what it feels like to give the love of the Lord through these types of ministries to the homeless.

We have several of these opportunities in Savannah – contact us if you’re interested!!

Look at our pages on Facebook: HomelessnessInSavannah GeekTheHomeless & VoxPatriainSavannah to see more about serving the homeless!!!

Check this out WSAV News 3 On Your Side WTOC-TV WJCL FOX28 The Coastal Source …

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What is stopping us from ending homelessness? – Tweet from: @Ntl_Homeless

Wow – this question needs addressing, BIG TIME!

They say or ask if it’s FEAR!

I have a few other ideas though!

What are your ideas & thoughts?

We should think locally here too you know!

We’ll be developing some thoughts in a new blog post soon. But we will choose to ask the question, like Nissan does in its new car commercial:

“What’s the value of 0?”

More later, but bring it on here too!

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RT @washlegalclinic: RT @mocharebyl: Is fear preventing us from solving #homelessness? SLO Homeless:

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Canada has 1st National Forum on Women + Children Homelessness – Tweet from: @VortexVisual

When is or was the US forum – will let you know later after we research it.

But it sounds like Canada takes action to bring people together on this issue.

It’s here in the US too!

We’ll be reporting on the details of the issue in the US, Georgia & Savannah soon, so watch for the information.

Then we will hopefully come together as a community on this issue.

Womens & childrens homelessness is also a local issue where local action & effective collaboration is drastically needed.

Below is where we got our information – you too can share, comment & tweet this out for yourself below. Share this post on Facebook too via the buttons below.

From: @VortexVisual
Sent: Apr 26, 2011 08:58

Proud #ldnont is holding 1st national forum on women + #homelessness. All Our Sisters Conference. /via @OBrienatLFPress

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Jesus Panhandling – Tweet from: @Rev_Gene

From: @Rev_Gene
Sent: Apr 22, 2011 23:12

Picture this: Jesus holding a sign saying “Hungry Homeless, Need Help”… check this pic out. #Fast4Justice

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@MassGovernor prevents homelessness – Tweet from: @FlickReynolds

From: @FlickReynolds
Sent: Apr 22, 2011 19:43

RT @AlbqBonita: RT @JohnFMoore: Good job @MassGovernor Preventing homelessness before it starts

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Tell him what you think – share this on Twitter, Facebook & your blogs.

More Governors could do this too!

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Journalist goes homeless – Tweet from @AbeOudshoorn

@AbeOudshoorn: Journalist goes 72 hours on the streets, well written, doesn’t feel exploitative or sensational, just real:

912.308.6113 mobile

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Christian Faith

After John the Baptist had been arrested, Jesus came to Galilee proclaiming the gospel of God: ‘This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel.’ (Mk 1:14-15) Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, but store up treasures in heaven, for where your treasure is, there also will your heart be. (Mt 6:19-21) If our hearts would love God like a son or daughter should love their father. A heart that always desires more time with their father. Joyfully knowing they are their father’s delight. Then we would realize our lasting treasure is our relationship and love for God. We show our love by doing His will, having the courage and love to care for the sick, the poor, and to show His forgiveness to others. We would then be truly building God’s kingdom with a profound joy.

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